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Radio Stations

Radio play is basically the most important factor in the success of Beyonce’s music career. Radio play is really important to spread the word about Beyonce and make her music heard by lots of people, which thereby increases her album sales and chart positions.

– Only call radio stations in your local area in which you can receive the signal and hear what’s going on with a conventional radio (i.e. not online).
– Telephone calls are much more important than emailing your local radio stations, so make sure to call (morning time – 6am to 8 am – is the best time, with the largest audience and impact).
– When you do email, make sure to do it only once a day otherwise the DJs will get sick of the multiple requests and will decide not to play the song.


New York City
Z100 – WHTZ 100.3 (Top 40)
Phone #: (212) 239-2300 (Toll Free)

New York City
Hot 97 – WQHT 97.1 FM (Urban)
Phone #: (800) 223-9797 (Toll Free)
B96 – WBBM 96.3 FM (Top 40)
Phone #: (312) 591-9696

WGCI 107.5 FM (Urban)
Phone #: (312) 591-1075


101.9 The Mix – WTMX 101.9 FM (Top 40)
Phone #: (773) 591-6800

106.1 KISS FM – KHKS 106.1 FM (Top 40)
Phone #: (214) 787-1061

KRBE 104.1 FM (Top 40)
Phone #: (713) 390-5723

Los Angeles
KIIS FM – KIIS 102.7 FM (Top 40)
Phone #: (800) 520-1027 (Toll Free)
Los Angeles
Power 106 – KPWR 105.9 FM (Urban)
Phone #: (818) 845-1059