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Beyonce is set to appear on the Early Show on CBS on Thursday, January 28th. Make sure to check your local listings and tune in! Credit BabyGurl at BWBoard for the photo.

Check out exclusive high quality candids of Beyonce leaving Paris by Private Jet on January 22nd.

Gallery Link:
-2010 Candids: Leaving Paris by Private Jet – January 22 [HQ]

Check out pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z in France.

Gallery Link:
-2010 Candids: France – January 23rd

Congrats Bee!

Check out photos of Beyonce performing at the Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert. Make sure to download it via Itunes!

Gallery Link:
-2010 Live Performances: Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief – London

The Haiti Benefit Concert airs in 1 hour for those of you in the East Coast and 8pm for the those of you on the West Coast. This benefit concert is being broadcast world wide so make sure to check your local listings as it will be airing VERY SOON. I will be posting videos and screencaps and a download link as soon as possible.
Edit: Download link is below.

Beyonce Performs Halo

Format: AVI| File Size: 58.43 MB | Duration: 3:28| Source: TV
Download: here

Welcome to the new Beyonce Network. I just wanted to change the layout because I HATED the last one. Anyways, I might tweet it later but this is the new one. I hope you like. Alot of changes and additions are coming to the site in March. :)

Check out candids of Beyonce & Jay-Z in Paris late last night.

Gallery Link:
-2010 Candids: Paris – January 21st

Via The Sun:

Simon, 50, has already played a key role in negotiating a deal with Prime Minister GORDON BROWN for the VAT to be waived on all sales of the track.

Huge stars like BEYONCE, LADY GAGA, ROBBIE WILLIAMS and WYLEF JEAN are being lined up to help raise money for the earthquake-ravaged nation.

And the music mogul’s stable of talent like SUSAN BOYLE and LEONA LEWIS will be involved.

Check out a pic of Jay-Z & Beyonce at JFK airport a few hours ago.

Gallery Link:
-2010 Candids: JFK Airport – January 21st

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