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Check out Beyonce’s interview with Extra last night. Unfortunately I don’t have a download link because it didn’t air on the West Coast due to the Olympics.

Beyoncé Knowles gave “Extra’s” AJ Calloway backstage access to her final concert in Trinidad, for the I Am… Sasha Fierce world tour. He caught all the raw moments, talked future babies and her plans for the next few months.

The singer shared a list of things she now wants to accomplish during her break. She told AJ that she’s not going back to work until everything is checked off her list!

Items on her to-do list include “learning to paint and cook, and to do Broadway shows and museums. And learn just to be at home and just watch television.”

Beyoncé and rapper/producer hubby Jay-Z have been married for almost two years, and while there are no immediate plans for a baby, she does say, “Eventually. When it happens it happens… I definitely want a family. I’m too close to my mother, I have the best mother, you know. I can only hope the relationship I have with my mother, I can have with my kids whenever I decided to have them.”

AJ asked if Jay-Z also wanted kids, to which Beyoncé replied, “You gotta ask Jay.”

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I have added photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Lakers & Mavericks Basketball game last night in Dallas. Enjoy!

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-2010 Candids: Lakers vs. Mavericks game – February 24th

I have added photos of Beyonce performing at her final I Am Tour stop in Trinidad & Tobago on February 18th.

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-I Am…Tour: Trinidad & Tobago – February 18th

I have added 71 high quality pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce in Miami on their boat on February 20th. Enjoy!

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-2010 Candids: Miami – February 20th (x71 HQ)

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Check out pictures of Jay-Z & Beyonce in Miami 2 days ago. Soo cute.

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-2010 Candids: Miami – February 20th

Check out pictures of Beyonce in Miami 2 days ago.

Gallery Link:
-2010 Candids: Miami – February 20th [HQ]

Stream and & Download a newly leaked Beyonce song entitled, Baby Your The Only Man.

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OMFG! Today was the LAST I Am Tour Date. What are we Beyonce fans going to do when she’s on a break? Wow I don’t even want to think about it. Check out video of her partying after the last tour stop in Trinidad!

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