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Archive for the ‘Tumblr’ Category

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» 2012 Internet Photos: Tumblr

Check out the latest Beyoncé tumblr photos.

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» 2012 Internet Photos: Tumblr

Check out a picture of Beyoncé voting earlier today. The question now is: Are you voting?

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» 2012 Internet Photos: Tumblr

I’ve added all of Beyoncé‘s tumblr photos to the gallery.

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» Personal Photos: Tumblr

In celebration of her 4th wedding anniversary with Jay-Z, Beyoncé is set to open a new tumblr today. Above are some preview photos of Beyoncé’s upcoming Tumblr page. She is set to start with over 150 photos on the tumblr page. Visit the new tumblr link below (which should be launched later today):


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