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She’s the boss

doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one. Today she sits at the head of the boardroom table at Parkwood Entertainment. (Read More…)

Behind the scenes of the world’s most powerful brand.

Photography by Santiago & Mauricio

If you pooled the collective memories of the staff at Parkwood, the small, can-do entertainment company that Beyoncé built, you would have enough material for the world’s longest biography. That it would also be a hagiography goes without saying; for those who work closest to her, Beyoncé is, quite literally, flawless. Again and again you will hear that she is the hardest-working person in showbiz, the most demanding of herself, the least complacent. And all of this, you will realize, is most likely true. But in all of the accolades and glowing character references, you will also find little shafts of light that fall on their subject in illuminating and lovely ways. (Read More…)

Check out photos from Beyoncé‘s Flaunt Magazine photo spread. More information, including the interview, coming soon!

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Check out photos as well as an interview snippet from Beyoncé‘s feature in the upcoming issue of VOGUE UK:

She is a mother, multimillionaire, and arguably the biggest pop star on the planet (Lucy Bannerman writes).

But a feminist?

“That word can be very extreme,” Beyoncé tells Vogue. “But I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman.

“If you’re attractive then you can’t be sexy, and you can’t be intelligent? What is all of that?”

She describes pregnancy and motherhood as a sensual experience. “The purpose of my body became completely different. The way I view it and everything. There’s a sensuality and an audacity that I’m OK with sharing. And I’m not uncomfortable about it. I’m not shy about it. And I feel like it’s important for women not to lose that sense of sensuality.”

The singer will headline a concert in Twickenham on June 1 as part of an international campaign to raise funds for female empowerment.


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We’ve posted one photo and now here is the rest of Beyoncé‘s “Shape” magazine photoshoot spread as well as a high quality version of her April 2013 cover!

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Check out the cover as well as a photo from Beyoncé‘s April Shape Magazine feature.

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I’ve uploaded scans of Beyoncé in the March issue of Vogue Magazine. Additionally, I have added photos of alternative covers of her Vogue magazine cover.

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Beyoncé has hit out at the lack of powerful women within the music industry.

“I’m controlling my content, controlling my brand and archiving it for my daughter and making sure she has it and she respects it but there’s not enough of us that become moguls.
(Read More…)

Check out a preview of Beyoncé‘s “Vogue” cover.

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If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet in the last day, you have heard talk of Beyoncé being on our February 2013 cover.

Well, the rumor is true, and here is your first official peek at her GQ debut.

Oh, and mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 15—that’s the day we are putting up ALL our photos of Beyoncé. (You’re welcome.)

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